About Dyfrig

Or Dyf (pr Dove) to you and me. I'm very much a run of the mill sort of fella. Married, two beautiful kids, daughter 2.5 years and son 7 days (at time of writing), homeowner and owner of a crazy dog. These days I help run the woodland and forestry management business my dad created 16 years ago.

So my current situation is pretty average, for a man of my age, but my journey to this point has certainly been interesting, and I believe the journey beyond, having discovered my passion, and clear ambition, will be even more so.

I'm not one to subject myself or confine others to a particular social class - nor do I believe we are bound to, or must live by the perceived limitations of the culture or society in which we begin our lives. But every story has a beginning, and it sometimes helps in the telling of them, to set the social scene. So mine is a working background, born to a shepherd and shepherdess in rural Wales in the early 80's. Before I was taller than one of their sheep they went their seperate ways, and I was given a choice, to live with my mum and sisters in Norfolk or with my dad..... in a Tipi...in wet west Wales. This rather important decision possibly demonstrated an early indication of my penchant for a challenge because I went for the latter, and it was, at times, pretty challenging. The ensuing 22 years have thrown up a few gem stories, which I will intersperse throughout this blog, but they have also formed a sentiment and belief within me that is defining the person I am now and which shapes how I tackle the challenges we all face in pursuit of our dreams and aspirations.....

Pilot training blog

So much more is attainable than is often imagined for us - by others and even ourselves. We can realise our dreams if we truly believe in them, and are willing to work tirelessly with unwavering commitment,  focus and positivity