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Thank you

I owe the sincerest and most heartfelt thanks to these wonderful people who have already helped me along the way to fulfilling my ambition.

Pilot training blog
Bella, my wonderful wife

For your absolute faith, beleif and confidence in me. For supporting me whole heartedly even when the many obstacles have mounted up. For embracing the challenges ahead. For sharing my excitement about the future. For being an incredible mother. For the many many laughs, and the odd kick up the...  I owe you everything. 

pilot training blog
Aria and Bear, my beautiful kids

For inspiring me, for motivating me, for showing me how mind blowingly incredible life is. For making me laugh too hard nearly every day. For showing me how much energy I have and for making me a far far better man than I thought I could be. I owe you both a wonderful life of opportunity. 

pilot training blog

For your impeccable, insightful and constant guidance, for making me believe in my own potential, for your relentless encouragement and for joyously sharing my passion for this project with all that you encounter. For putting me on a DC10 bound for Dhaka aged six, and my first trial flight aged 20. 

pilot training blog

For instilling in me a dogged determination, an industrious work ethic and a confidence in my own capacity to achieve a goal. For giving me the most remarkable and interesting childhood, and secure adulthood from which I can launch for my dreams. For your morals, perspective, support and friendship. For introducing me to Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Illusions,

Wend & Bear

For your enthusiasm and encouragement and for funding my first lesson at Cambrian flying schoool. Thank you so much for getting the ball rolling.

Fi & Mike

For both being an interested and attentive sounding board. For Mikes wealth of expertise and advice in business, financial planning and risk assessing. For your time and diligence in assessing my operating plan.

John Grieve, SFO with Emirates

For being a pragmatic voice and sound counsel from the other side of training. For your insights and honesty about life as an airline pilot. For the motivation and inspiration.

Special thanks for your support...

Impossible is Nothing Crew

James Yarnton

Ceri Edwards

Rory Hill

Thank you for your incredible generosity and support

Theresa Friend

Evelyn Taylor

Lydia Williams

Mike Evans

Alice Williams

Bev Pickersgill

Charlotte Rowerth

Thank you so much for your support and for rocking the Shimoda T!

Rachel MD McWilliam

Finnbar Mabro

Joan Hoffland

Jack Williams

Ed Lochee-Bayne

Ruth Letten

Sarah Sherlock

Steven Yellen

Ryan Jones

Maraya Maynard-Gibbs

Lynda Pickersgill

Janet Corralam 


Thank you so much for your ridiculous generosity, belief, support... and for being my co-pilots!

Rose & Jack Hill

Adam & Lucy Lopez

Rob Gibbs

Natalie Walker

Ben Sherlock

Chris Mewton

Ted & Julia Borowski

Tracy Hickman

Gary,Jill & Ian Ryder

Helen & Paul Flavin

Andrew Gordon

Thank you will never be enough for your stupendous generosity! I can't wait to have you to stay at cwmtycoed and take you flying!



Genny & Iain

Oliver & Leanne

Fi & Mike

Wend & Bear

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