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Like many kids I dreamt of flying and piloting aircraft, as I grew up I remained enthralled by planes and flight. I realise that at 32, many people may see it as too late to take on this challenge. They would be wrong. I have discovered that there is no wrong time to take up flight training, In my ground school classes there are people aged between 17 and 70.

I first flew in 2004 but was unable to fund further flying. In 2011 I started the theory for my PPL, I spent a little time researching the route to the flight deck and decided to slowly plug away and see where it took me. I applied to BA and easyJets first in their latest round of programs without really understanding the commitment required.

My daughter Aria is the catalyst for my renewed focus and commitment. The strength of it came from the realisation upon her birth that she is absolutely perfect, pure potential energy, everything is possible to her, she can be anything she wants. I only want to consolidate that feeling for her. For my message to be clear, truthful, and shown without hypocrisy I have to have achieved my ultimate dream. I also dearly want my children to have interesting, rich and diverse upbringings that propagate their imaginations and make the whole world feel accessible. That, coupled with a strong personal feeling that I have not reached my own potential, academically or professionally, is the motivation that is driving me to achieve my boyhood aspirations.

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