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Initially, i'd planned on starting this blog after I have raised the funds, and have commenced training full-time. Whatever route I took, I thought i'd write about it - reading other training pilots blogs has really helped me understand the challenges I am inevitably going to face. What is less documented however, are the challenges you will face just getting to the start line. After nearly three years of scheming, planning, re-planning, learning, disappointments, knockbacks, more disappointments, negotiating, dreaming, not sleeping, praying, reading and more learning, I realised that the story so far is compelling in itself. Moreover, everyone who wants to become an airline pilot has some serious questions to answer and obstacles to clear before they are ready to embark upon their training - so I realised that it may be helpful, for all those just forming the idea, to understand that we're all in the same boat and it isn't as simple as just saying "I want to be a pilot".

So in due course I'll tell the story of the evolution of my route to the starting line. I will write about airline sponsored MPL training, I'll write about whitetail integrated ATPL training at CTC, CAE OAA, and FTE Jerez, I'll write about visiting them all. I'll talk about aptitude testing and preparing for it. I'll talk about financial planning and funding options, also logistical planning if you have a family. I'll raise the subject of your end goal and how that should affect your training choices, how your character and situation should also affect your choices. I'll talk about modular training. I'll write about convincing your family of your sincerity - you are not alone - it is a well known phenomenon amongst pilots that this is a hard obstacle. I'll write about obtaining a class 1 medical.... not always a given - and a hugely satisfying obstacle to clear.

On my journey so far I have addressed all of the above and so I hope that maybe sharing the stories with you, will help keep your chin up and knocking each delivery out of the park until you are realising your flying dreams too.

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