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Blogging logger attempts Vlog

This is what happens when a career logger turned blogger attempts to be vlogger - whilst flying a PA38 for the 6th time and first in 14 weeks.

The results of my basic camera set up (sticky pad on dash), painfully fresh (plain poor) editing skills, and rusty flying skills are in. I won't lie to you, they're far from wonderful, probably a D - for disaster. Yet I'm really chuffed to have captured just a bit of my latest hour in the sky.

The lesson itself was a mixed bag. To say I was eager to start from the point I left and really kick on would be a huge understatement. As I'm flying so irregularly I'm placing pressure on myself to ensure I get progression each time and retain the skills and info I assimilate for the next hour at the controls. I have found this is possible for elements of flying - the procedural aspects, the anatomy of a circuit etc. There is no cheat however, for the nuances of a landing.. this requires time and regular chunks of it. It is an instinctive manoeuvre that prospers in a symbiotic relationship between man and machine. You have to be entirely relaxed at the controls, an extension of the plane itself, truly aware of and responsive to the environment. Fully understanding of your and the aircrafts interaction with it's surroundings. Landing is delicate and skilful - watch a duck land on a still lake, they'll concur.

Anyway I cocked a few up to begin with... not terribly - we could continue with the lesson. I didn't leave the gear sticking out of the tarmac or anything. They were just a little balloony and thus heavy. Then on around the 4th I nailed a beaut - the major difference was the lightness with which I held the yoke, my focus point being further down the runway and the number of prior repetitions.

You'll have to trust me on this as the footage doesn't get any where near that moment - my camera fell off it's perch after climbing and turning onto the downwind leg. I didn't want to waste any of these precious learning moments faffing around with the camera so at that point I launched it behind my seat.

I am encouraged though, that with a few small upgrades of my equipment, a little more practice on the editor program, and most importantly more regular flying I will be able to do a half decent job of sharing my view from the cockpit.

#PPL #Cambrianflyingschool #GoPro #Vlog

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