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The rough with the smooth

Well this has been an incredible week: one featuring moments of pure elation (because Aria slept through the night) - actually, there was another reason, which I'll hold closer to my chest for the time being - and near panic... Because I thought Aria had bust her wrist; then she proceeded to vom all over me. The latter incident happened on my watch, just as Bear decided he was hungry - I have no means to help him with this problem, so he gets a tad frustrated at me. The kind of scene ensued that, as a bystander, you cannot help but gawp at - a man in a spew soaked white t-shirt, with a screaming child in each arm trying to kick a mummy-bag laden pushchair out of softplay.

That particular episode, amazingly, ended well - I got Bear to his 'honey' and Aria's arm was fine... And I had a spare top with me.

The balance to that rough morning, was the hour I spent in the air on Sunday! Actually that was a pretty rough hour too. The wind was on the cusp of the limit for the Tomahawk, thankfully though, it was blowing straight down the runway. Still, some testing conditions for me to test out the shocks on the landing gear! I've edited the best and the worst of my circuits into the ten minute vid above.

Turned out this wasn't the last test of the week, in the course of creating this blog post and editing the video my Mac had an attack - a mac attack. For a few horrible hours I thought I'd lost all my work, ten years of photos and the nearly finished campaign video that I've been slaving over.

All is well though, apart from the fact that I'm probably more qualified now to be an apple "tech geek" than a Forester or Pilot... And it's 2am.

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