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Cloud Funding - the day before

cloud funding

Well it's the eve of launch day. It has finally arrived, The moment when I bare my soul, swallow my pride and ask for help.

I don't know if I can effectively describe just how much work has gone into 4 minutes of video and a couple of paragraphs on, but it has been a monumental process of growth and development.

I reckon as little as 20months ago I was generally disparaging about crowdfunding; this is the guy writing who, as a kid, wouldn't ask for his dinner money if his dad forgot to give it to him. Then, I actually learnt a bit about it, thanks to a Kickstarter campaign to produce 3 new original Thunderbirds episodes: I was and still am a Thunderbirds geek. I learnt that it is a fantastic platform for creative projects and innovative ideas. So about 7 months ago, with all other funding options jumping ship like fleeing rats, a few people started suggesting crowdfunding. On these occasions I fought not to spit my dummy out, In my head I was shouting 'don't you know what crowdfunding is for you nutter - no-ones ever crowdfunded their pilot training!' I had nothing to offer, I thought.

The thing with my thinking mind is though, it's an obtuse bastard; as soon as I had the thought: I've nothing to offer, I started challenging that thought and the ball started rolling.

I guess what I want to offer is the same thing I want to give to my children: the message, inspiration and encouragement to chase your dreams like a greyhound does a hare - with unrelenting tenacity. But, thanks to some inspiration and input from friends and family I have some physical rewards on offer too. I wanted to run a raffle as part of the £10 reward, but crowdfunder don't allow it. Unofficially, I will present some of the contributors at this level with the prizes I have in mind.

Of course, the rewarding of people infers I will receive contributions, which feels like a lot of an 'IF'. I have no idea really, how my message will go down, or if I've managed to capture and deliver it succinctly and with its integrity intact. You would not believe how many hours and 'takes' have gone into that four minutes - I guess that's what happens if you film with dogs, children, a stick and a complete newb at cinematography... And editing. I hope that in my battle to produce something that is technically ok and relatively brief I have not lost the essence of my dream, my motivation and the sincerity with which I say, you can achieve your wildest ambitions - impossible is nothing.

I hope you enjoy my story, and honestly, you are not obliged to make a physical contribution, but I hope you are inspired enough to share it far and wide.

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