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Blown away & Eco rewards

Well it's the end of day 2; if I wasnt blown away enough after yesterday, today I feel like I've just been hit by the blast from a GE 90 (the worlds most powerful turbofan engine - found on 777's).

This is a truly humbling and exciting experience and I am beyond grateful - far more grateful than I imagined I could be - for everyones contributions and efforts to share and promote my campaign.

Yesterdays experience got me thinking more about what I can offer in return for peoples generosity, and how it could be relatable to my journey and aviation specifically. After chatting with the boys in work I had a realisation that I could plant deciduous broadleaf trees in return for a pledge. They can be planted at cwmtycoed or on the alotted government land we are contracted to plant each year. One tree absorbs nearly 50lb of CO2 each year, each pledger will be offsetting 1000lb of CO2 against their annual footprint. Incidently this is almost exactly the average produced per passenger for a short haul round-trip. Each pledgers annual holiday will be carbon neutral! Once planted (in late winter) I will send a certifiate with location map and the tree species planted in the pledgers name.

I have a few more fantastic rewards that I'm excited to add in the next few days and weeks, but in the mean time if your eco-conscious and want to reset your carbon footprint here's your opportunity! (You'll be giving me a massive lift too).

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