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Half time oranges

Yes, I even dance like a prize prune behind the wheel! I know that no-one like a gloater, but we've had a freakin marvellous weekend, during which I filmed the above update on the Cloud-funding. It is the main reason for this post so I hope you enjoy it, but since I'm here I'll download a synopsis of other events

It started with the car passing its MOT, swiftly followed by me passing my annual medical renewal! Always a relief! The middle was filled with the normal weekend chores - the big shop, tidying, baking and dog running - It was just lovely to be together doing these things after a few busy weekends.

There's also a book of Aria quotes I could write from these two days - a favourite being when she picked up a loose marble and said, very sincerely "Dad, I'm losing my marbles"

Sunday, we had a leisurely morning at home, a swim in the avo, and then I made my debut in the YouTube big leagues: I made my introduction as a 'Mentour Cade't on the very popular channel Mentour Pilot - It's already had over 1200 views! Nuts! Here's the link

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