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I'm going to start by apologising for the rather lengthy intermission between posts. If you have checked in over the last 2.5 weeks in anticipation of some quality procrastination material, only to find "Half time oranges" collecting dust at the top of the page, then I'm very sorry to have let you down... I'm also very surprised that this fantasy constructed by my ego played itself out in the real world!

Next for the explanation (excuse) - I have been consumed by the 'cloudfunding' campaign. I'm not about to divulge this in search of sympathy - more a warning really: It's all consuming and requires a monumental amount of effort and energy to maintain momentum and continually push it to all corners of the earth, to stay on top of it and think of new ways to inspire and engage people is actually much harder work than I imagined. Anyway I'll save the full debrief for when the campaign is actually finished, as yet there is still 12 days left!

Underneath the massive 'cloudfunding' Elephant that has residence in our house, the normal stuff has been trying to happen in the worst period of sleep deprivation and illness we've experienced as a foursome. Some sadistic season change bug has set up camp and played havoc with Bella and I (not just some 2day lightweight bug either, a full blown 'I ain't shifting for weeks' stubborn arse of a bug). We also decided Aria was ready to go nappy-less at bedtime - as she's been dry for ages - cue four nights of wet upsetness! And Bear, well he ain't slept for more than 2hours at a time past midnight for weeks - so neither has Bella! We are in the thick of it at the moment.

Anyway enough of the excuses, the reason for this post other than to apologise and whinge is to share with you this lovely video that my wonderful mum made. It explains the concept of crowdfunding and why it is such a wonderful tool, and all together, a very wholesome practice that aids a healthy functioning modern society. She articulates the beauty of it in a way that I wish I could of done throughout the last six weeks of the campaign. She found the words, just like every mum finds the butter in the fridge when you're staring right at it and shouting at her that it ain't there! Thank god for mums!

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