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Two is the number! Two days left!

Thunderbird 2 (and its commander, Virgil) probably should take some responsibility for my flying obsession. By far my favourite Thunderbird, I loved her versatility and necessity in all situations, Virgil was seriously cool, slightly roguish and had by far the best means of getting to the cockpit! I saw her in the flesh once, when I was about 9, at an evening with Gerry Anderson - It was one of the best evenings of my 9 odd years! Yes, I was a massive Thunderbirds geek, with all the matchbox toys and a stack of the comics that NASA could've used to get astronauts into Apollo spacecraft.

Anyway my geeky obsession is also the reason it's now way too late to be writing this: I just spent an age looking at pictures of Thunderbirds, totally transfixed and transformed back to childhood... I'll get to the point of this post sometime this century.

I wanted a Thunderbirds picture for two reasons:

1, we are at the sharp end of the countdown to blast off then ShimodaPilot is Go!

And 2, I feel like that very over excited kid again! Only this time I'm also absolutely knackered!

The tiredness is an amalgamation of forces exerting their will on me: This weekend I have attempted to redress Bella's sleep levels - she's seemingly broken a FitBit, just because it can't make head nor tail of her sleeping patterns (by which I mean there ain't one): Bear has lost his sleepy Bear tendencies and now loves being awake - can't blame him, you get so much more done when you're awake. So anyway at night I've been staying downstairs with the boy getting him used to the idea that, as lads we haven't always got access to boobs and crying about it doesn't help!

Above is the very real and present cause of the 4 times I've already dropped off in the process of writing this, another is that, I can feel my body and mind relaxing - and inevitably getting ill - as I realise I've essentially done all I can in terms of pushing, promoting, networking and championing the crowdfunding. It has been a monumental success, but (but is definitely the wrong word here, but I'm too tired to find the right way to say it) but, it requires a monumental amount of energy. Perhaps soon I'll discuss the physical process of running such a campaign, the seen and unseen work, the reactions and the philosophical learnings I've received from it, but this post is about the now, and what happens next.

I'm going flying! Twice a week - weather permitting - with the aim of completing my PPL by mid summer!

It hit me like a tonne of Willie Wonkas best chocolate today, the realisation that, after such an incredibly long time and so much wishing, hoping and praying, after countless moments of disappointment, frustration and despair, after an awesome amount of work and unrelenting focus, I am actually gona be able to go out and learn to fly. Learn to fly an aircraft, properly, on my own, so I can take it anywhere! I'm going to go and realise my dreams! It's so awesome I'm smiling uncontrollably, it's hitting me again! Also I'd just like to add that I've resumed dreaming about flying after a hiatus of about 17 years!

The opportunity you have all given me is so wonderfully wonderful it defies all belief! I cannot wait to share with you the thrills and spills of this next 6 - 8 months, and hopefully news that we - as a family - are suitably slept! Mind you, I've got about ten minutes of sleep in minute intervals whilst I've been writing this - can you tell?

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