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Life; but not as we know it.

We have broken the surface! We are a blue whale gasping for air after a long time in the depths: the communication darkness of a world with no internet.

In many ways it has been lovely: I have had the chance to settle into my job, to focus on it entirely and recover in the evenings. Recovery being, adjusting to whole new routine and dynamic in our tiny home, getting the kids asleep, unpacking another box or moving the furniture around again and then conking out. That's it - no opportunity to complete my online landlords course, switch energy providers, file Bella's tax return, sort out the new finance flow, contact the hmrc or indeed, write a blog post.

Clearly writing blog posts is a perishable skill, because this is pure dros at the moment and no matter how many times I delete a precession of pooey prose It doesn't seem to get much better - just shorter. Perhaps brevity is the key. Trouble is, I've so much to talk about, I'm a rabbit in the lights again. I'll just spew all the topics out in a dirty list and see what stands out. I'll then make it a full post next time.

Since my last update, when I announced the new job and we had just a month to sort it all out we have;

Found tenants - best quote from that adventure.

Bella: "Do you have any pets?"

Prospective tenant: "Yes dogs"

Bella: "Oh ok, how many"

Prospective tenant: "10 Huskies"

Moved our life to a new house 2 days before christmas - tip: Don't try it.

Had a breakdown in the fully laden car on the way to our new house for first night there - I abandoned Bella and kids at service station and limped car home.

Two days later (christmas day) drove back to Wales in car I assumed would now be ok - It wasn't.

Drove fam back to Brizzle in tranny van - not as interesting as it sounds.

Had two mammoth cleaning days back at house in wales with bro... and fixed car - drove back with goldfish in the drinks holder

Got home at 0000 NYE - woke up six hours later, ill.

24hrs later, actual NYE: after having gone to bed before 0000 I'm sat naked, hugging a dog shaking like a shitting dog - wait, he was: he hates fireworks

Started work at Bristol Groundschool - It's fantastic and the folk are lovely

Bear and Aria decide sleep isn't necessary - frustrating.

Me and bro go to buy a bike that's 5 minutes walk from his house - oh wait actually it's an hours walk (cheers bro)

I become a cycling commuter - nobody warns you that protective eyewear is essential

Getting internet turns out to be just as tricky today as it was in 1756.

And that, is about the long and short of it. I have a shed load of news regarding flight training too, but i'll dispense that accordingly and in due course. I've loads to say about BGS: it is a fantastic company and a very exciting environment to be submerged in that is going to throw up some great stories I'm sure.

I will leave it here for now and come back when I've discovered some direction and got through the long list of admin that is distracting me from free flowing function of thought.

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