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A new dawn (slightly over-egged)

Easter Sunday is about as fitting a time to write this as any: in case it isn't obvious, I have just likened my return to blogging to the resurrection of Christ. Yep, I did.

In all seriousness, I owe thanks for this writing motivation, not to my whimsical deity-esque propensity to just return from the dead (because I can), but to Keelan of; who gave me a timely nudge of encouragement when we met at BGS. Thanks Keelan. I also owe thanks to the sneaky toe swine rotters that host this website and just charged me a wedge without any prior warning. I shall learn from their mistakes and extend you a prior warning - I'm gona blog the bejesus out of this summer now: the Scotsman in me has been awoken and I'm damned if I'm not going to get my moneys worth.

I have missed writing and I'm sure that if were in the flow I'd have found loads to write about, but If I look back at the last 3 months since I last made an entry, I'm fairly sure it would of looked a bit like this;

Entry 1,2 & 3 - Kids are ill, can't bloody sleep because of the relentless cacophony of coughing coming from their room, I've been scrubbing sick from carpets (that aren't ours this time), how on earth can such a (big) tiny person dump so much! Etc etc.

Entry 4 - I don't want to speak too soon but the kids might be getting better.

Entry 5 - Had a really interesting day today; I was assisting on the final day of an MCC/JOC course, when Bella rung saying the docs have admitted Aria to hospital - we gotta get her there asap!

Entry 6 - Hours later she's fine - 24, and she's her full self again... Bear seems to be getting the bug now though.

You get the picture; this is meant to be a Pilot training blog from the perspective of a normal bloke with a young family. Not, a life blog of drama's (really minor ones) from a family man making do with pretend flying the kids planes when no-ones looking. Truth is, it's been a good period of adjusting, acclimatising and settling into our new home and village - before I move on I've gotta mention the village - The village may well feature here, she's a beauty, Somerset's finest, we feel very lucky... And thoroughly integrated!

This IS a flight training blog, and after a four month hiatus from the controls, four months of walking (and cycling) with my head turned skyward - for there I have been and there I longed to return (riding on LdaV's coattails now) - I am back into action and able to train at a pace not previously possible.

In the last 8 days I have done 3.25hrs flying and it feels indescribably bloody marvellous! I am learning with Freedom Aviation, out of Cotswold airport (Kemble to you and me - and absolutely everyone else other than the BBC weather app).

For now, as this is clearly just an update - and my writing is rusty - I won't expand on saying: if Carlsberg made a PPL school... It'd still be tossed around in Freedom's wake. I will look forward to giving my full insights into the service and characters involved - not sure of my chances of finding another Brinley Fussell though.

So that's it, I'm flying again, writing again, Bella and then kids are all well and we love our new home - it's perfect for young families - in-fact only last Thursday I rung Bella while on lunch: "Hi" she said, "I'm at a kids party over the road"

"Oh cool" I said, "who's party? is it their birthday?"

"No-ones birthday" Bella said, laughing, "It's a Pox Party"

Brilliant. Next post sorted then.

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