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Flight path

Market Demand

The 2015 Boeing pilot outlook, a respected industry forecast, predicted that there will be a requirement for 558,000 new pilots over the next 20 years, up by 25,000 from the 2014 results. This outlook is shared by experts across the industry.



Pilot training blog

Further research into this analysis led me to discover that much of that demand will be for Captains positions. This is due to the babyboomer pilots reaching retirement age. This should intern increase the demand for First Officers. Presently succession to command is longest with legacy carriers like BA at around 12 years, regional carriers like Flybe are quickest in about 3 and with Low-cost short-haul carriers it takes about 6. Last year BA employed 360 new pilots and already this year have employed a further 340. Typically when the big legacy carriers start a recruitment drive, the others follow suit as many will have transferred from the smaller airlines.


My Employability

Post training I believe that my age and experience will serve me well. I will offer a good level of maturity, sense of responsibility, commercial awareness and I have a significant amount of leadership experience which is cited by many airlines as being an important attribute.  As a family we are very flexible and more than happy to base ourselves in mainland Europe.

As a graduate of the Wings Alliance modular training route, I will benefit from strong links with Flybe and Thomas Cook. I will aim to complete my training in one block so as to retain continuity and a high skill set. I will have 25% more flying hours than integrated students, and all in UK airspace.


As I have matured my desire, and with it, capacity, to learn and develop my skills has increased year on year. In my parents I have fantastic role models. My father has created two successful businesses and runs them simultaneously with a tenacious drive. My mother is a practicing and lecturing doctor of psychotherapy who has continuously through adulthood built on her academic achievements. I have been inspired to always strive to learn, adapt and improve myself. This is an essential quality for airline pilots.


Other key attributes of aircraft commanders that I believe I can lay honest claim to are;

  • Integrity

  • Self discipline

  • Self motivation

  • Self confidence

  • Drive, determination, ambition

  • Always striving for and achieving high standards

  • Strong leadership skills

  • Strong team skills

  • Articulate with a good record of education

  • Flexible but decisive thinking

  • Capacity to deal calmly with multiple issues simultaniously

  • Calm and measured responses when operating in difficult circumstances

  • Ample levels of maturity, balance and perspective

Pilot training blog
How I will achieve my goal

Studying the aviation and pilot training industry has led me to absolute clarity and conviction of thought on what is the best route for my family and I. It is Wings Alliance mentored modular training. 


The Wings Alliance is a new innovative initiative in aviation training designed to provide individuals wanting to become a commercial pilot with the opportunity to complete their EASA training through an alliance of ‘approved’, high quality, Flight Training Schools; creating a credible, cost-effective and supported route to airline employment. Wings Alliance is a trade association of the majority of leading modular schools in the UK (and also some in Europe), offering a connected route to airline employment. Its operation is founded on the principles of honesty, quality and value, providing a cost effective and direct route to a career as a commercial pilot. 


Training structure and cost


  • Phase 1 - PPL (private pilots license) 45 hours (funded)






  • Phase 2 - ATPL theory distance learning course and 14 exams - Wings Alliance approved provider Bristol Ground School. Cost - £2,350 - funded




  • Phase 3 - Hour building and night rating 100 hrs to be completed simultaneously with ATPL theory. Cost roughly £10,000

  • Phase 4 - CPL/MEP/IR (Commercial pilots license/Multi-engine piston rating/Instruments rating)

                 Provider TBC

  • Phase 5 - UPRT & APC - Upset recovery training and Wings Alliance Airline Pilot Certificate - selection passed

With funding in place I have a realistic timescale of 24 months to complete the training.


The journey to this point of being absolutely certain on the how, has taught me a lot about myself. It has felt liberating to have clarity for my ambition and an unwavering focus and determination to achieve this goal. The joy and sense of fulfilment and responsibility I get from flying is only surpassed by the love I have for my family. I am entirely seduced by aviation and stimulated to learn, progress, grow and better myself. This passion has already made me a healthier, happier, more positive and pro-active person.

Taking this route ensures I get great value for money, qualifying with 25% more flight time than an integrated student whilst also retaining a great deal of credibility in my training. It allows me the best opportunity to balance the pressures and commitments of flight training with the responsibities that are dear to me as a husband and father.


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